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The applications procedures for UF students coming to Sichuan University (SU):

2014 Application form Sichuan University WCH

  1. UF students submit application forms to SU (, informing SU side about when he or she would like to come to SU, what clinical departments he or she would like to rotate in (List three departments he or she most wants to rotate, for example: 1) Emergency Department;  2) Oncology   3) Pediatric Department ). Theoretically, all the departments at West China Hospital are open to Chinese and foreign students. If Emergency Department is not able to accept the applicant for some reason, we will discuss with Oncology Department.
  2. The clinical department of West China Hospital will arrange the rotation and a supervisor of the students. The medical school will arrange a SU student pal to help with orientation of the campus and the hospital. Usually, they become close friends later.
  3. SU side will help arrange apartment in the campus for students coming for rotation. Visiting students need to pay their own accommodations. Tuition fee will be waived.


Please visit our website to learn more about Sichuan University: or website about West China School of Medicine/ West China Hosptial:

Med Student Summer Camp, JULY 8-15, 2015

Application Deadline April 10, 2015

2015 International Medical Education Exchange Camp (as a part of the Immersion Program of Sichuan University) will be held by West China School of Medicine of Sichuan University, aiming at strengthening international exchanges in medical education, bridging connections of medical students from different countries, enriching summer experience, and broadening international perspectives of medical students.

Please find the 2015 International Medical Student Exchange Camp, and the Application Form for Immersion Program.

We look forward to receiving students from the University of Florida this summer!

Best wishes,


Xie Hong (Samantha)
Academic Affairs Department
West China School of Medicine

If you have any questions about the Summer Camp, please email