Global Health Haiti Elective

EMD E 4J | 4th Year Elective | Emergency Medicine | Clinical Science


UF COM 4th year student – Completion of required rotations in the third year of medical school.

All international electives are always subject to travel clearance by UFIC-in addition to the pandemic, safety and security must be reviewed and state department travel warnings are one of the important factors.

Course Description

The purpose of the Global Health Haiti elective is to give senior medical students opportunities to: a) diagnose and treat patients in an overseas, low-resource setting; b) learn about the health care and public health systems overseas settings and c) to participate in an applied research or quality improvement project in Haiti. The student will work with UF Global Health/Hospitalists who are Family Medicine or Internal Medicine board certified/eligible hospitalists. The elective can be constructed as a 4 to 8 week elective.

Course Faculty and Staff

Meeting Place and Time

The student signing up for this elective will need to meet with either DeVos to review the goals and learning objectives, travel arrangements, housing, in-country supervision/mentoring and pre-travel preparation.

Course Materials

Please complete the Global Health Elective form

Additional Information

Students must be pre-approved for this rotation before they receive credit. Students that schedule this course, must complete the forms on our website. The form must be reviewed and approved by Dr. DeVos at least 12 weeks prior to the start of the rotation. Students must obtain CISI travel insurance through UF International Center prior to final approval for travel. All travel is subject to UFIC policy.