Leadership in Global Health (fourth year credit)

EMD E 3J | 4th Year Elective | Emergency Medicine | Clinical Science


Selection as a second year trip leader for the Service Learning Trips during spring break and participation during the first year (2 total).
A Senior medical student who participates in two Spring service learning trips as a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year student (2 total).

Course Description

Students will fulfill the role of trip leader, organizing the spring break Service Learning
A Senior medical student who participated in one service learning trip as a second year or third year and one trip as a senior student.

Course Faculty and Staff

Meeting Place and Time


Course Materials

Pre-departure Manual, Service Trip Leaders Manual both located on www.globalhealth.med.ufl.edu; web-based resources

Additional Information

Students who participate as a trip leader in their 2nd year of medical school (usually selected during their first year and attend the trip as a first year – no other first years attend the trips), or students who have participated in 2 trips during their 2nd, 3rd or 4th years, will receive 2 credits for participation. The trips typically travel during Spring Break each academic year.

Students may choose to use these credits towards their senior year as ‘previous credits obtained’. A max # of 2 credits can be used for previous credits (i.e., Narrative Med, Community Service, Leadership in Global Health) Only credits for participation in one of these can be used toward a student’s 4th year schedule.

Please see MedCat for additional information: https://medcat.medinfo.ufl.edu/catalog/2016-2017/course/1300/