MSRP – location Haiti


TITLE: Epidemiology and Evaluating Risk Factors in Non-Communicable Diseases

In Haiti /Epidemiology of Breast Cancer in Haiti


James Grigg, MD and Vince DeGennaro, MD, MPH

Ph: 352-265-0651


Internal Medicine


(brief overview of background, hypothesis, methods, role of medical student, funding and relevant publications–SHOULD NOT EXCEED ~ 250 WORDS)

Working with the College of Public Health and Health Professions (PHHP), the non-profit Project Medishare (Haiti), and health professionals at the State College of Medicine and Pharmacy (Haiti) we seek to estimate the prevalence of non-communicable diseases (NCD) in Haiti, using both rural and urban populations. Health care workers will perform in community measurements and blood draws to determine the prevalence of NCDs of concern to Haitians: hypertension, diabetes, chronic renal insufficiency, mental disorders, and addiction. We will also estimate the prevalence of risk factors such as hyperlipidemia, obesity, smoking and violent behavior which is on the rise. Separately, there is a project opportunity evaluating the epidemiology of breast cancer in Haiti. The role of the student depends on the project needs at time of deployment and may include data collection, implementation of protocols and data analysis. Funding for the projects are provided by a Gatorade grant, Project Medishare and the National Cancer Institute

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