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Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) – USFQ, founded in 1988, was the first private, fully self-financed University in Ecuador.  Per their website, the Mission of USFQ is “to train, educate, research and serve the community in the liberal arts philosophy of integrating all sectors of society.” The university enrolls 6,000 students and employs 300 full-time faculty, half of the total number of doctorate holders in Ecuador.

UF and USFQ have partnered together on service trips to disadvantaged communities in Ecuador for over 10 years that have included faculty and students from the Medical, Dental and Veterinary Colleges.  We are expanding our partnership to include exchange of students for clinical rotations and we are creating faculty-student teams to undertake service and reserch projects in Ecuador under the Global Health Equity concentration available to UF medical students.





UCNE CaptureUniversidad Catolica Nordestana – The Catholic University Nordestana (UCNE) was founded on March 14, 1978.  It is a Catholic Institution of Higher Education, Nonprofit, Community service led by the Bishop of San Francisco de Macoris, and sponsored by Nordestana Catholic University Foundation, Inc.




Sichuan UniveristySichuan University Sichuan University is one of China’s key universities under the direct supervision of Ministry of Education. Located in West China, it is identified as a key high-level comprehensive research university under Project 985 and Project 211. The CPC Committee Secretary of the University is Professor Yang Quanming, and the President is Professor Xie Heping.

Sichuan University is located in downtown Chengdu, a famous historic and cultural city known as “the land of abundance”. It consists of three campuses of Wangjiang, Huaxi and Jiangan, and covers an area of 7050 mu (470 hectares) with a floor area of 308 hectares. The University, with its favorable environment and beautiful scenery, is a wonderful place for learning and doing research.

Sichuan University is actually the product of a series of mergers involving 3 national universities: the former Sichuan University, the former Chengdu University of Science and Technology, and the former West China University of Medical Sciences.

The former Sichuan University began life as the Sichuan Chinese and Western School, established by Lu Chuanlin, Governor of Sichuan, on the orders of Emperor Guang Xu. It is the earliest higher education institute in southwest China. The former Chengdu University of Science and Technology was one of the earliest multidisciplinary universities of engineering to be established during the restructuring of colleges and universities. The former West China University of Medical Sciences originated from West China Union University which was established by western Christian groups in Chengdu in 1910. It was not only one of the first western-style universities, but also one of the first universities to offer postgraduate programs in China.

In 1994, the former Sichuan University and the former Chengdu University of Science and Technology merged into Sichuan United University, and in 1998, it was renamed as Sichuan University in. CPC and state leaders including Jiang Zemin and Li Peng wrote inscriptions and gave their best wishes on the merger of the two universities. In 2000, Sichuan University and the former West China University of Medical Sciences merged and formed the new Sichuan University. “Sichuan University is a pioneer in the institutional reform of higher education as one of the first universities being reformed and has made historic contributions to the reforms of higher education in China.”, Li Lanqing, the former Vice Premier said. During the May 12th Wenchuan earthquake relief, CPC and state leaders including Wu Bangguo and Wen Jiabao paid visits to Sichuan University.

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Universidad Catolica Santo DomingoUniveridad Catolica Santo Domingo –COLLEGE  The Santo Domingo Catholic University seeks to contribute to the increase of high culture and fuller development of the human person through the ardent search for truth and its unselfish transmission to youth and all those who learn to think rigorously, to act honestly and to better serve society, so that they become outstanding men and women for knowledge, ready to play responsible roles in society and to testify their faith to the world. As its contribution to the development of Christian character and the social, economic, cultural and political advancement of Dominican society, the Catholic University of Santo Domingo aims to achieve the following objectives: To promote academic, professional and scientific training of community high projection line to the vocation and personal qualifications of the members of the university community. Promote, by all suitable means, the advancement of science, contribute to the improvement of its methods, expanding the scope of their knowledge, training competent teachers, increase the number and quality of intellectual vocations and encourage the intensification of culture under the sign and the integrative unity of Gospel values. Being Catholic professionals in the areas required for the overall development of Dominican society. Develop programs to the solution of social problems facing the country, offering students a social formation that projected toward the most needy, for the purposes of mutual understanding, human service and advocacy. Raise the cultural level of our society, framing them within Christian principles. Spreading the Christian ideals of peace, solidarity, progress, social justice and respect for human rights, in order to contribute to the formation of a collective consciousness sustained by those values. Contribute to the development of national identity.

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