Ak Ayiti pou Ayiti (with Haiti for Haiti)

Welcome to Project Haiti

Project Haiti is a medical outreach trip of the UF College of Medicine and Shands Hospital. Since 1996, student’s and staff have donated their spring break to provide free healthcare to people of Haiti. Several years ago, we began an in-country partnership with Haitian Christian Mission (HCM). During our trip, we work at their hospital facility and create a mobile, week-long clinic to supplement the medical care HCM provides to the community.


About Us

Project Haiti is one of the first UFCOM Medical Mission Trips with an established 20+ year history. This means there is good knowledge and experience of what works and doesn’t for efficiently helping the Haitian people. Additionally there are a multitude of learning opportunities and services provided.

Project Haiti (PH) is a medical relief trip, which provides unique and valuable service-learning opportunities for volunteers. Our team is composed of providers and students from a variety of specialties. The goal of each trip is to strike the perfect balance between education and service. We strive to provide high-quality and compassionate medical care to the populations we serve, while providing our volunteers with opportunities to become better providers. 

Most importantly however is the opportunity to provide medical care to over 500 patients at 5 mobile clinic sites and preventative dental care to over 100 children in a weeks time. There are usually 5 to 6 days of clinic. Members of the surgical and anesthesiology team remain on campus to treat patients. This allows us provide life-changing surgeries and also access patients in some of the most remote areas of Haiti.

Haiti at a Glance

Second largest Caribbean Island, Haiti is situated 77 km southeast of Cuba. Haiti occupies the western third of the island it shares with the Dominican Republic and has 1530 km of coast line. Mountainous land between the Atlantic Ocean in the North and the Caribbean Sea in the South, Haiti also comprises several islands surrounding the main territory.


How to Help

The success of Project Haiti depends on charitable contributions from supporters like you. Our trip is completely run by medical students and funded by their fundraising efforts. Donations are used to pay for medications, medical supplies, translators, lodging, and transportation to clinic sites.

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Haitian Christian Mission

Outreach Partner

Haitian Christian Mission is our longtime health outreach partner. It is a well-established, multidisciplinary health care center located in Fonds-Parisien. They provide Project Haiti with housing, delicious food, transportation, and translators.



I am so grateful that I decided to go on Project Haiti in my second year. The trip is one of, if not the highlight of my first two years of medical school…..

Haiti trip

Photo from our trips!