2019 Trip Overview

Medicine is powerful. I chose to pursue this field because of that. I have seen how the field of medicine has impacted not only my life, but the life of friends and family members. I have also seen how lack of access to care can result in negative outcomes. Something as simple as performing a HEENT exam and letting the patient know everything is normal meant so much to them. The reaction patients had when they were given new reading glasses and tried to read a sentence again was priceless. I remember one woman said she was very active in her church, and they read a lot. She would strain her eyes so much to be able to read that she would get migraines. These glasses, as simple as it may have been, improved her quality of life. I can continue to go on and on about the many positive patient interactions I had but one thing truly defines them all, I am very grateful to be studying this field. I am also grateful for the attending’s who continue to send the ladder back down and teach us (students) ways to become competent and compassionate doctors.

– E. Duqueney, MS1, PH 2019 Team


2018 Trip Overview

The Project Haiti 2018 trip saw 500 patients at our mobile clinic and provided preventative care to over 100 school children and orphans. This doesn’t include the hard work put in by our dental clinic and OB/GYN surgery team. The experience required a lot of hard work, but was extremely gratifying. I think a lot of us left with a piece of Haiti forever in our hearts. Planning for the 2019 trip is already underway and we hope it is every bit as successful.

2018 Haiti group photo

2017 Trip Overview – What a success!!

Together, the Project Haiti 2017 Team provided care and treated over 800 patients between our 5 mobile clinic sites and HCM teams. We referred over 40 patients to HCM and Mirebalais for follow-up care and/or surgery, and identified 5 HIV+ patients and 6 cases of syphilis and got those patients into care. This doesn’t even scrape the surface of the work the team did with the OB-GYN, dental, public heath, and surgery! We could not be more proud of the dedication, knowledge, and growth that the entire team demonstrated. There was an abundance of compassion for the people of Haiti that we saw in the team’s interactions with patients, as well as the empathy and humanism that filled our clinics. The 2017 team did an amazing job and we cannot wait to update you about our trip in 2018!

I am so grateful that I decided to go on Project Haiti in my second year. The trip is one of, if not the highlight of my first two years of medical school. The poverty and need there is greater than any country that I have visited, but so is the resilience of its people, which was powerful to see. Living amongst some of the Haitian people and taking the opportunity to learn about them and their aspirations for themselves and their country was amazing. I know, step 1 and the dedicated study period seem like an all important time that you shouldn’t even take a day away from let alone a week. For me, I needed the break; time to clear my head and return to the root of why I was in medical school in the first place. These opportunities do not come very often as it sometimes feels like we are on a treadmill we can’t get off of going through undergrad, med school, internship, residency, fellowship and on and on. So taking this break was important to me. And getting 5 clinic days of hands on practice to cement in some of the book knowledge was great also. Several friends had multiple step questions related to things we saw in Haiti. I didn’t. Not salty or anything… But I still ended up doing fine on step, and am of the opinion that I would have burned out if I had given myself more time to study by not going to Haiti. This trip helped me learn and grow as both a physician and as a person. I would strongly encourage anyone with even the slightest interest to really think about going, not just for you, but for a country with people who could use your help not just as a future physician, but right now as a medical student.

– C. Archer, M2, PH 2017 Team

2017 Haiti group photo

-PH 2016

It has been a week full of work, learning, friendships, high energy, and fun. We have had our challenges but have worked through everything as a team. Our week came to an end but the memories we have made and the relationships we have built will last! One thing is for certain, Project Haiti 2016 is a family and will forever have the wonderful memories! We can’t wait to reunite one last time in May for our reunion dinner! Thank you to everyone who has supported us and made this trip possible, we could not have done it without your love and generosity.

2016 Haiti group photo

-PH 2015

Journey with us to Fonds Parisien and around Haiti!
Those of us who had the privilege to travel to Haiti with the 2015 PH Team are so thankful for the help and support of countless family members, friends, co-workers, and supporters. We had a truly wonderful trip! Different students have shared their thoughts every day, so please note that these are personal opinions and represent individual experiences on the trip. Thank you for your support of Project Haiti, our team, and our patients!

2015 Haiti

Project Haiti 2014

Project Haiti 2014 was a great success! Thank you to all our attendings, dental team, pharmacy team, and medical students for coming together for an exciting, memorable and impactful trip. We were able to see and treat over 700 patients, as well as continuing to build our partnership with HCM! We also want to thank all our donors who helped to make this trip possible!
Next stop, Project Haiti 2015!

Project Haiti 2011

Project Haiti 2011 was a great success! Thanks to all the incredible and hardworking physicians, pharmacists, and students for making it a fun and memorable experience for everyone. We also want to thank all our generous donors for helping us make this trip possible. We traveled to different cities around the Dominican Republic and Haitian border, setting up clinic in any place we could, and provided free medical care to hundreds of patients a day.

Look forward to more information on Project Haiti 2012 coming soon!

Project Haiti 2009

A great success.
Project Haiti 2009 was an incredible experience. We provided medical care to just under 900 people over 5 days of clinic. Our 20+ suitcases of toys, clothing, toiletries, and medicines came back empty. As medical students we learned invaluable lessons about medicine, international outreach, community, and humanity.