Predeparture training, CISI and Travel Registration

You’ve been selected to be a member of one of the global health trips… now what?

All Participants

Provide the following information to your group leader:

  • Copy of your Passport ( photo page and information page only)
  • Completed Emergency Contact Information
  • CISI Insurance Registration Information
  • Attend all scheduled noontime pre-trip conferences. Dates will be provided.
  • You must register with the UF International Center. This is mandatory !

Trip Leader

  • The Manual contains detailed instructions on your responsibilities for managing the:
    • Trip Websites
    • Handling Money, Reimbursements, Fund Balances
    • Travel Authorization, Travel planning for the trips, CISI insurance, etc.
    • Fundraising
      • Tax deductible donations
      • Mailings, Merchandise Sales, Silent Auctions
  • Provide a complete CISI spreadsheet to the  office for your trip and be sure to complete your itenrary information with contacts details for your in-country host. Please fill out the CISI Spreadsheet template with the required information for all trip participants and be sure to forward a completed copy to Susanne Hill (all students, faculty, and other participants).
    • The cost of the CISI insurance changes regularly so please refer to the UF International Center site for pricing details. Travel registration and CISI are mandatory.  The CISI insurance is purchased through the International Center.  Submit the CISI Enrollment Form and one check per trip to the Office of Global Health.
  • Provide the office with a detailed itinerary of your trip. The itinerary will need to be reviewed and approved by your faculty advisor and by Susanne Hill  prior to it becoming final. Information to include:
    • Name of Trip
    • Dates of Trip
    • Information concerning your transportation to the airport and back to Gainesville.Flight Info (Departure and Arrival)
    • Hotel Information/ Accommodations
    • Day by day itinerary …..Where are you staying? What are you doing?
    • In country contact name and phone number


Educational PowerPoints of what to expect when treating international patients.