Greetings to all prospective or current UF medical students!  Greetings to students from other US or foreign medical schools.  Welcome to the UF Office of Global Health Education Website.  My name is Dr. David Wood and I am the Director of the UF Office of Global Health Education.  I am passionate about exposing medical students to global health experiences (and by that I mean both international setting and underserved settings in the US) because as a pre-med and then medical student these experiences had a major impact on shaping me as a person and in helping guide me in my career path.

The purpose of this website is to help you navigate global health opportunities at UF.  First, for UF medical students, the website should help you learn about a wide range of global health opportunities at UF including:

a) The spring service trips for first and second year students.  These trips occur during spring break and go to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Ecuador, Thailand, Haiti and Nicaragua and are attended by a vast majority of the second year medical class.   The Trips page provides students with information related to the trips and provides a portal for the student-faculty leadership teams to manage all trip-related activities.

b) The Local/Global Health Equity track that is starting in January 2013 for the class of 2017.  As described in the “Track” page, the track will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of US and global health disparities using a human rights value system and a social determinants of health framework.  By pursuing the Local/Global Health Equity track you will earn an “honors” distinction on your medical school diploma and be better trained to address some of the most pressing health issues in the world today.

c) Global health electives.  For both those pursuing the Local/Global Health Equity Track and those in other tracks this website will make you aware of and provide information on how to sign up for electives in low resource and underserved locations in the US and abroad.

For students from other medical schools this website will provide you a portal and a step by step guide for how to request a clinical elective from the UF College of Medicine course catalogue.

Thank you for visiting the UF Global Health Education webpage.  I hope that during your medical school career you take the time to immerse yourself in the needs and challenges faced by people in low resource settings.  It will change your life, as it did mine!

Thank you,

David Wood, MD, MPH;
Professor of Pediatrics,
Director of the UF Office of Global Health Education